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Version: 2.0.2 Last Modified: 2006-07-10 5:03 PM


This Document contains the definition and detailed information on each setting items of Maxthon Browser.

The configuration file of Maxthon Browser is an standard INI file named "config.ini" which relies inside the user's data folder.

Note: Please save the INI file in Unicode(UTF-8) encoding.

Types of Setting Values

Setting values may have the following possible types:

  • String – Most common type
  • Boolean – Presents by 1 and 0 (TRUE and FALSE)
  • Number – Numeric integer value
  • Enumeration – Enumeration of all possible values
  • Key – Key Code

Settings INI File Structure

[General] Section This section contains most common settings.

OneInstance Boolean Allow only one instance of Maxthon Browser SuperDragDrop Boolean Enable Super Drag&Drop MouseGesture Boolean Enable Mouse Gesture MouseTip Boolean Enable tooltip for Mouse Gesture and Super Drag&Drop, only active when EnableMouseGesture is TRUE ShowTrayIcon Boolean Always show an icon on system tray MinimizeToTray Boolean Show tray icon and hide task bar button on Minimize CloseToTray Boolean Show tray icon and hide task bar button on Close AnimateIcon Boolean Enable icon animation when loading pages BossKey Boolean Enable Boss Key BossKeyCode Keys Boss Key Code (e.g. Csa_49$:$Ctrl + 1) GlobalZoom Number Default zoom factor for all pages

[Startup] Section HomePage String Homepage URL string StartPageType Enumeration Open Page on Program Startup home - Homepage resume - Resume last session fav - Open a folder of Favorites StartFavFolder String Path to the Startup Favorites Folder CheckDefaultBrowser Boolean Check if Maxthon Browser is default browser on startup CheckUpdate Boolean Check if Updates are available on startup NoStartPageOnExternalCall Boolean Disable start page when called by an external program with url parameter

[Navigation] Section Settings for URL Quick Completion keys. These shortcut keys can be used in Address Bar.

CtrlEnterP String Prefix when Ctrl+enter pressed CtrlEnterS String Suffix when Ctrl+enter pressed ShiftEnterP String Prefix when Shift+enter pressed ShiftEnterS String Suffix when Shift+enter pressed AltEnterP String Prefix when Alt+enter pressed AltEnterS String Suffix when Alt+enter pressed CtrlShiftEnterP String Prefix when Ctrl+shift+enter pressed CtrlShiftEnterS String Suffix when Ctrl+shift+enter pressed CtrlAltEnterP String Prefix when Ctrl+alt+enter pressed CtrlAltEnterS String Suffix when Ctrl+alt+enter pressed ShiftAltEnterP String Prefix when Shift+alt+enter pressed ShiftAltEnterS String Suffix when Shift+alt+enter pressed ServiceServerList Boolean Enable Server supplied web service list

[URLKey] Section This section contains data of URL Keys. Valid Key can be from F1 to F12. Example:

F1=http://www.maxthon.com F2=http://forum.maxthon.com F3=http://res.maxthon.com F7=http://www.yahoo.com

[URLAlias] Section This section contains data of URL Alias. Example:

F1=http://www.maxthon.com F2=http://forum.maxthon.com F3=http://res.maxthon.com F7=http://www.yahoo.com

Search Section: [Search] Search String Default Search Engine String (See [SearchEngines] for string format) QuickSearch Boolean Enable Quick Search in Address Bar AutoHighlight Boolean Enable auto highlight of keywords in search result page SearchServerList Boolean Enable Server supplied search engine list AltQuickSearch Boolean Use Search Engine with Alias "*" for Address Bar Quick Search

[SearchEngines] Section This section contains data of search engine url strings. Example:

00_a=Google$,$g$,$http://www.google.com/search?q=%us 01_a=Baidu$,$b$,$http://www.baidu.com/baidu?word=%us&tn=myie2dg&ie=utf-8 02_s=--- 03_a=Google Dict$,$d$,$http://translate.google.com/translate?u=%us&langpair=en%7Czh-CN&hl=zh-CN&newwindow=1&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

Favorites Section: [Favorites] ShowAddFavHere Boolean Show “Add Here” Menu Item in Favorites Menu FavMenuTooltip Boolean Enable Detailed information tooltip for favorites menu CompactFavBar Boolean Use compact Favorites Bar FavBarRecentButton Boolean Show “Recent Favorites” Button in Favorites Bar

Tabs Section: [Tabs] NewTabMode Enumeration Method of Create New Tab blank - Blank Page home - Home Page current - Duplicate Current Page CtrlArrowSwitchTab Boolean Use CTRL+Arrow Keys to switch between tabs MouseWheelSwitchTab Boolean Use Mouse Wheel when hold right mouse button to switch tabs MaxTabNumber Number Maximum number of tabs can be opened FixWidth Number Tab width in Fixed Width mode (in Pixel) MinWidth Number Minimum width of tab (in Pixel) MaxWidth Number Maximum width of tab (in Pixel) NewFromAddressBar Boolean Create New Tab for entered url in address bar NewFromFavorites Boolean Create New Tab for clicked Favorites items NewFromHistroy Boolean Create New Tab for clicked History items NewFromHomePage Boolean Create New Tab for Homepage button NewFromSearch Boolean Create New Tab for search result via search bar ActivateTabFromInputBar Boolean Activate the New Tab for address bar and search bar ActivateTabFromFavHis Boolean Activate the New Tab for clicked Favorites & History items ActivateTabFromClick Boolean Activate the New Tab for Click-Open links ActivateTabFromMidButton Boolean Activate the New Tab for Middle Mosue Button Click ActivateTabFromDragDrop Boolean Activate the New Tab for Super Drag&Drop NewBesideActive * Boolean Create New Tab beside of Active Tab BoldActive * Boolean Bold Active Tab Caption Text TabStyle * Boolean Tab Style multiline - Multiline Tabs fix - Fix Size Tabs auto - Auto Fit Tabs compress - Compressed Tabs TabLocation * Enumeration Tab Bar Location top - Top bottom - bottom

Ad Hunter Section: [AdHunter] PopupBlocker * Boolean Enable Popup Blocker ContentFilter * Boolean Enable Content Filter CustomFilter * Boolean Enable Custom Filters PopupInfoBar * Boolean Show Information Bar when popup window is filtered PopupSound * Boolean Enable Sound Effect when popup window is filtered PopupSoundFile * String Path to the file of popup notification sound

Feed Section: [Feed] AutoDiscovery Boolean Enable Feed URL Auto-Discovery DiscoveryNotify Boolean Enable Notification Window for Feed Auto-Discovery TooltipView Boolean Show Feed Entry Content in Tooltip NewTabForChannelPage Boolean Open New Tab for Channel List Page DefaultUpdateDuration Number Minutes to Auto-Update Feed, set 0 to disable

Privacy Section: [Safety] CleanHistory Boolean Clean History on Exit CleanAddress Boolean Clean Address Bar History on Exit CleanCookies Boolean Clean Cookies on Exit CleanFormData Boolean Clean Saved Form Data on Exit (IE) CleanPasswords Boolean Clean Saved Passwords on Exit (IE) CleanCache Boolean Clean Cache File on Exit

Advanced Section: [Advanced] ShowSiteIcons Boolean Show Website Icons if Available CustomContextMenu Boolean Enable Custom Context Menu MinTabManager Number Min Open Tabs to Show the Tab Manager Button DisableAutoRefreshCurrent Boolean Disable Auto-Refresh of Current Tab PopupAsTab Boolean Show popup windows as tabbed page OpenMultiLinksWithDragDrop Boolean Open All Links in Selection while Performing Super Drag&Drop FriendlyErrorPage Boolean Show User-Friendly Error Page AddUserAgent Boolean Add Maxthon into UserAgent String IgnoreFrameId Boolean Ignore ID attribute in Frameset HandleDDECall Boolean Handle DDE Call from Other Programs while Running MaxUndoList Number Maximum Items Count for Undo List ConfirmCloseAll Boolean Require Confirmation on Close All Tabs ConfirmExit Boolean Require Confirmation on Exit Program JavaVM Enumeration JavaVM to Use in Maxthon Browser msjvm - MS JVM system - Java VM Installed on Machine