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A Group is a collection of URLs with which Maxthon users are able to open certain webpages in one go.

You can create/modify new groups in three ways:

- From the Maxthon options

Go to the menu "Groups > Organize Groups..." This will open the 'Organize groups' dialog.

Click the green plus icon to make a new group, give it a name and then you can add URLs to this group from the other green icon (on right). To rename the group name click on its name twice (like when renaming files in Explorer) and when finished press Enter.
You can move URLs between groups by dragging and dropping the URL over the name of a group.
You can also open an URL from a group in a new tab by double-clicking on it.

- From the Groups menu

Go to menu "Groups > Save windows as group.." Maxthon will then open a 'Save As' dialog where you have to enter the name of your new group and click Save.

- From the Tab's Right-Click menu

Right-Click on a tab and go to "Send To > Group > [groups list]" and select the group from the list you wish to add the current tab to.

Maxthon groups are compatible with Netcaptor groups which means that you can transfer your group files *.Cgp to Maxthon's Groups folder.

Using Groups:

When you want to open a group go to the Groups menu and click on the group you want to open.

From the same menu if you want to open a specific URL from the group, right-click on its name to open the list of URLs and click on the one you want to open, so you don't need your favorite bar anymore ;-) . You can also setup a group as a start-up group by marking the check-box next to the group name in the 'Organize Groups' dialog. Then you can go to the "Maxthon Options > General > When Starting" and select "Open Startup Group" as the Start Mode.

If you don't like it that your groups are opened in one time, you can change the 'Interval between Tab open' setting in "Maxthon Options > Tab > General".

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