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  1. Bonjour, Mise à jour du programme parue aujourd'hui... [2016-03-23] v1.8.9.28 for Windows Upgraded to Chromium 49.0.2623.105 Upgraded to PepperFlash Added Japanese translation Disable scanning of downloaded files by default [bug fixes]potential crash when playing videos in some cases 32-bit Installer (SHA256: be49db7f19bfff1a0ca5c97534ac69169f5fd2178cf3f84995373dec6ee60fe9) http://www.centbrowser.com/installer_32/centbrowser_1.8.9.28.exe 32-bit Portable (SHA256: f79366a609eac142575eae27d3eef9dc48d430977dc790a64648b0611721acd9) http://www.centbrowser.com/installer_32/centbrowser_1.8.9.28_portable.exe 64-bit Installer (SHA256: f307879272e3ed43328363ad37515cf6d9d23acdfa5f2fd2abc929491f8b37c1) http://www.centbrowser.com/installer_64/centbrowser_1.8.9.28_x64.exe 64-bit Portable (SHA256: 3e4c250396563fd2ab824d35a5ab533cc766a3ea35480262a886822b5c7d4525) http://www.centbrowser.com/installer_64/centbrowser_1.8.9.28_x64_portable.exe
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