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Traduction française de Maxthon Cloud pour IOS

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Maxthon Crowdin me demande de l'aide pour la traduction en Allemand ??????????????? :sick:



"Dear all of our German translators,

Hope you're everything is going well.

I'm writing this message for German translation of "Maxthon for iOS, Version 5.0 settings" project in Crowdin.

This project's German translation is already translated 34%, we hope you can help us to finish it. If it's finished, I will send to development team to add it in new Maxthon browser. And more German can use and experience this amazing browser with native language.

Thanks your effort and contribution for this project and our company.

Best Regards,
Maxthon Browser Inc." 


le problème c'est que "Ich nicht sprechen Deutsch"  :s:


Ils sont vraiment à côté de leurs "tongs" ! :censored:

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Autre demande :



"Hello everyone,

Thanks to your contribution, our new product is finally going ready to be official released soon. Without you, we would never be able to do all of this. So we give you our best regards.

As our official release is just around the corner, it would be really great to have as many languages ready as possible. So we kindly ask you to help translate and proofread a little bit faster. We noticed that some languages only require a little proofreading now.

As part of the reason why this product is possible, we can't thank you enough. But you'll always have the highest regards from all Maxthon team members.


Project: Maxthon for iOS, Version 5.0


Sont sortis des vacances les chinois  -^-

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Aujourd'hui, ils nous remercient  -^-




"Hi everyone,

Today we updated the source file for this iOS project.
Previously, there was several files and it was difficult to manage. Now, it is one single file.

And your translation has been saved. So don't worry.

Our official release is coming soon. We kindly ask you to help us translate and proofread as many languages as possible.

Thank you all so much for your generous help and contribution. Best wishes for all of you.


Project: Maxthon for iOS, Version 5.0



mais ils restent quelques lignes à traduire !

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